What is Cloud Computing? Things That You Should Know About Cloud Computing.

What is Cloud Computing? Things That You Should Know About Cloud Computing.

cloud computing

You may have heard Cloud Computing term everywhere, but what is cloud? Where is the cloud? This questions may arise in your mind.

Today Cloud Computing has become the ideal way to deliver enterprise applications and preferred solution for companies extending their infrastructure and launching new innovations. The cloud service is a metaphor of the internet.

“Cloud Computing stands for accessing and storing data or the programs over the internet instead of computer’s hard drive”.

When you store data into your computer’s drive or runs programs from hard drive, that is called local storage and computing. Everything you need is physically close to you, means for the one computer you can access data very fast and easily. The cloud is not about having Network Attached Storage (NAS) hardware. NAS let you remotely access and store things over the internet.

It is called “Cloud Computing” because you need to run programs or access data over the internet.


How does cloud computing works?

Instead of owning their own data centres, companies rent access to anything from applications to storage from cloud service provider. One of the best benefit of using cloud service is that firms don’t need to own such data centres and maintain their computing infrastructure, they just simply pay for what they use.


What are benefits of Cloud Computing?

1. Scalable :-

It can automatically increase or decrease resources as per need, thus ensuring the level of resource is matched to demand.

2. Cost Effective :-

Users only pay for what they use, this service will not cost more. So you can avoid insufficiencies and expense of any unused capacity.

3. Economics Of Scale :-

You can setup several services using the same computing resource.

4. Realibility :-

This services are hosted across multiple servers so if one machine fails it will not affect entire system, there will not be discontinuity of service.

5. Flexibility :-

It is very flexible that it can be use anywhere like security and management. It suit almost any business.


Types of Cloud Computing

1. Public Cloud

Public cloud is type where services and infrastructure are hosted off-site by cloud provider that is shared across their client base and accessed by these clients via public network such as the Internet. This cloud offers economies of scale and redundancy. Public clouds are more vulnerable than private clouds due their levels of accessibility.

2. Private Cloud

Private cloud uses pooled services and infrastructure stored and maintained on private network. It is either physical or virtual and accessible by only one client. Security and control are benefits of this service. Cost may be high in this type due to security and control features.

3. Hybrid Cloud

As the name suggests, Hybrid cloud combines features of both public and private cloud. A hybrid cloud allows a company to maximise their efficiency by utilising public cloud for non-sensitive operations and private cloud is use for sensitive operations.


Models of Cloud Computing

There are 3 models of cloud computing as follows.


A. Infrastructure as Service (IaaS)

IaaS refers to the delivery of virtualised computing resource as service across a network connection. It specially deals with hardware or computing infrastructure. It offers virtualised server space, storage space, network connections and IP addresses. The resource is pulled froma pool of servers distributed across data data centres under the providers control, user is then granted access to this resource in order to build their own IT platforms.


B. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS in an extension of LaaS. It describes a category of cloud computing that provides developers with environments in which to build applications over the internet. PaaS include the software and configuration required to create the platform on which client can develop their applications. PaaS provides many benefits to enterprises. It include simplifying the development process for geographically split development teams.

C. Software as a Service

SaaS is the most common of cloud computing variations. It is the term that used to describe software delivery model in which applications are hosted and made available to use over internet. Many people make use of this SaaS. It delivers many web applications.

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