What Is An SSL Certificate? The Purpose Of SSL Certificate.

What Is An SSL Certificate? The Purpose Of SSL Certificate.

What is an SSL certificate?


If you have a small or large website, you must read about website and data security. When you think about website security many questions arise in your mind like-

  1. What is an SSL Certificate?
  2. My site is secure or not?
  3. Do I really need SSL even if I don’t collect any data from visitors?
  4. Do I need an SSL certificate if my website is a blog?

And much more..So lets know more about SSL certificates in detail.

What Is SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is the backbone of the Internet system and it protects your very sensitive information as it travels across the world’s computer network. Even if your website don’t collect any information like credit card from visitors, SSL is very essential for your website. It provide security, privacy and data integrity for both your website and your users personal information.

Any computer between you and the server can see your personal details like your credit card number and other sensitive information if it not encrypted with an SSL certificate. When you use SSL certificate, information becomes unreadable to everyone except the server you are sending information to.

It is an electronic protocol that helps make communication over computer network securely by ensuring that the content provided originates from a verified sender.

The Purpose of SSL Certificate?

A. SSL Encrypts Sensitive Information –

The main purpose of using SSL is to encrypt the sensitive information sent over Internet. Only the intended user can access that information. When you send any information over Internet is passed from computer to computer to get the destination server. Any computer between your computer and server can see your sensitive information like credit card details etc, if SSL certificate is not used. Hence it is very important to use SSL. When SSL certificate is used your personal information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to.

B. SSL Provides Authentication –

SSL also provides authentication. It means you can be sure that you are sending information to the right server and not to fake person trying to steal you information. Why SSL certificate is important? It is the nature of Internet that means users send information over Internet is passed from many computer in between your computer and the server, so any computer in between them can steal your information or can manipulate information. There is only way to avoid this is to use SSL.

In the scenario SSL providers are also important. Only trusted SSL provider will issue an SSL certificate to verified company that has gone through many identity checks.

C. SSL Provides Trust –

Payment transactions, email, user login protocol are few applications where SSL certificate is use. If user want to know that data is encrypted in order to avoid unauthorized access and also want to know website they are visiting is secure or not, every website give some signs that tells site is using SSL certification.

Here’s a visual clue that every website gives when you visit website.

1. The address bar will have green background color that indicate higher level security vetting, called Extended Validation. Some addresses include the name of the SSL service provider.

what is an SSL certificate?


2. Sometimes tiny padlock appears on the left hand side of the address bar of browser. If there isn’t padlock, visitors will know that company is not using SSL certificate.

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3. The URL starts with “https” indicate that you are accessing secure website. Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) is a system for transmitting data on Internet and “s” in the end indicate site is Secure.

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D. SSL For PCI Compliance –

In order to accept credit card information from your users to your website, you must pass certain audits that shows you are complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

Conclusion –

Now you know how important is to use SSL certificate in your website. Without SSL you will have to face major privacy issues and it can cause you some damage. Many E-commerce sites are using SSL certificate, they cannot compromise users privacy.

In todays world, every website should have an SSL certificate. People are more concerned about their privacy and security than ever before. So you cannot afford not to have an SSL certificate.

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