What is a Password Manager? Is it safe to use?

What is a Password Manager? Is it safe to use?

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Everyone needs a password. Passwords are the bane of online existence. Wherever you go, for every site you visit like Facebook, Twitter and Banking sites, you need a password. Some people use simple and memorable passwords, while some other people use same password for every site. But these simple and memorable passwords are easy to crack for hackers. If you use the same password on many sites, even a strong one, a security breach on one site can expose all your logins.

How can you create and remember unique password for every website? The answer is “a Password Manager”. It is very difficult to create and remember unique password for every site, so many people have started using Password Manager to create and remember strong, unique password for every site. Many users use weak passwords and reuse same passwords on different websites, that’s why there’s is possibility of getting password cracked, but what is password and what it does exactly? Let’s get started.

What is Password Manager?

A password manager is an App, device or cloud service that stores you all passwords in an encrypted vault that can unlocked with your single master password only. It is used to store and manage the passwords that user has for various websites. Password manager store all the passwords in an encrypted format.

password manager

Password manager serve as the solution for maintaining number of passwords and account information. They store the login information of various accounts and automatically enter login information into the forms. You don’t have to worry about creating and remembering passwords. Password manager enable the use of strong and unique password for each online account. The login information is encrypted and stored in either the local memory of user’s system or in cloud storage.

Some password managers provide additional features like automatic form filling and password generation. The automatic form filling feature fills login form automatically for a particular URL whenever it loads and reduces efforts and manual errors and protect system from hacker attacks such as keylogging. Password manager is capable of protecting credentials from phishing sites, they can identify the right URL for particular Login ID and password pair automatically. Also, this manager helps user to create strong, unique and random password for any website.

Is It Safe to Use Password Manager?

A password manager is an app that keeps all your passwords secure at one place and also helps to create different, unique password for each of account. Password managers not only keeps you safe but also, they simplify your life. To be clear, you should use unique password for each account you have, reusing passwords is bad because if, hacker gets access of your Facebook password, they can use the same password to access your bank account, email account and many other accounts.

But one question arises in mind, is it really safe to use a password manager? Well it depends on the which password manager you are using. I’ve read many articles on the internet related to password managers that had security flaws that allow all the stored password to be compromised. You need to make sure that the password manager stores all the passwords in well encrypted form and not plain text.

Keep one thing in mind, is that with password manager you are keeping all the passwords at one secure place. If by chance it is compromised then all your passwords will be compromised as a result. There is another possibility is that, if you forgot master password of password manager, you will not be able to access passwords of all other accounts. This might create biggest issue.

I personally don’t use any password manager at all, I choose to memorize all my passwords. You can’t completely trust on such password managers. If you’re going to use any password manager, use it on your own responsibility. There are few password managers who provide better service, are as follows-

  1. Dashlane
  2. Lastpass
  3. Keeper
  4. LogMeOnce
  5. Password Boss
  6. Sticky Password

These are few best password managers who keeps your all passwords safe, try them. That’s it for article, hope you liked article. If you have any queries, please feel free to ask.

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