What Is A Browser Cookie? All About Cookies.

What Is A Browser Cookie? All About Cookies.

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While surfing on the Internet, you may have heard about the Cookies. It is not delicious snack that we eat, it has quite different meaning in the world of internet. Every time you visit website, you get asked to okay cookies. Today almost every site ask to okay cookies, which is headache.

You might have noticed one thing that YouTube, Facebook and other websites shows ads related to things that you recently searched for. You might have ignore this thinking it is just coincidence but actually it isn’t. Cookies make this happen.

What Is A Browser Cookie?

Cookies are just small pieces of information websites store on your computer. It contains bit of text, nothing else. This text can be username or any other text. Cookies are used to store information or data about you and your preferences so that server don’t have to request again for information, it reduce loading time of site.

Mainly cookies are used to store personal registration data like your name, your email ID, your mobile number, address, items in shopping cart and so on. Cookies made it easy for web servers to fit your specific need and preferences when you are visiting any website. Some webpage settings get save on your computer with cookie. When you load that webpage again, the page examines the cookie and automatically load according to previous settings. Nowadays cookies are very common and right now you may have thousands of cookies stored in your browser.

How Cookies Work?

Cookies are store and manage by your web browser. Every time you visit website, small pieces of cookies get store in your web browser.

Now you might think, why the hell do these cookies record your personal search data and show you ads related to your searched data? Well because you agreed to it. When you open any website, it shows a popup saying that this website uses cookies and without thinking much about it you click on ‘okay’. You agree to them, you allow them to store your data in their database.

Cookies have made life simple for Ads network to help them get better audience through their ads. For example – if you are searching for Xiaomi mobile on Google search engine, cookies will record you searched data and after that if you go Facebook or YouTube you will get to see Ads related to Xiaomi mobiles. This is how cookies works, But actually cookies are not designed to do this. You can’t clear or disable them. Clearing cookies will log you out of sites you use. By disabling cookies you will not able to log into any websites.

Cookies are used to store personal registration information like your name, address, email ID etc. It stores needs and preferences of user while visiting a website. Cookies helps a website to do many things to improve your experience each time you visit. Cookies gather information of your every visit and uses this information to analyse what your browsing preferences are or what is your area of interest. Any shopping site could show you list of products from the last category you were browsing on your previous visit.

Are Cookies Good Or Bad?

Well it is quite tricky question. A cookie is just a tool like a hammer. It can be used to build beautiful furniture or for killing someone by smashing his head. Actually, they are designed for good things, but they can also be used for bad things. There are several benefits of cookies are as follows.

  1. Without cookies wouldn’t be able to log into websites, as websites use cookies to remember and identify you. It store your login state.
  2. Cookies store your preferences on websites.
  3. Cookies allows websites to provide personalized content. For example- if you are shopping on Amazon, amazon can remember the products you have searched and recommend related products even if you are not logged in.

Many advertising networks use cookies to track your activities on internet, they use this information to analyse your preferences and area of interest. Many search engines and ads networks use cookies to track users activity, collect personal information and transfer that information to other websites without warning or permission. Cookies are just text files that cannot execute any program or task. Cookies cannot be used to spy on anyone. Cookies are not that harmless, they just track your store your ID’s and personal information and track your searches on the internet.

That’s it for this article. If you have any queries please ask me in the comments.


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