Top 5 Third-Party Free and Public DNS Servers You Can Use

Top 5 Third-Party Free and Public DNS Servers You Can Use

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In this post, I’m going to tell you about some top free DNS servers that you can use while using the Internet. I will also explain that how you can change the DNS on your computer and router as well.  There are various of using these free public DNS servers, on that I will be discussing later.

In previous article I had discussed about what is DNS and what is DNS Hijacking. But this article is related to DNS so I will tell you about DNS in short.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. Every website on the internet has unique IP address and the internet fully relies on DNS. DNS is like a Phone book. Each website has unique IP address, but remembering those numbers is impossible. IP address is consisting of numbers such as which give the domain a unique identification.

DNS assigns alphanumeric names to the IP addresses which are quite easy to remember. Domain names are used to identify websites, so don’t need to remember all IP addresses.

Top 5 Public DNS Servers (Free)

Google Public DNS

Google has much respect in the world of internet and all products of it are awesome. It offers a free public DNS that you can use on your computer. It is very safe and secure from DDOS attacks. When your ISP block specific website that you want to access, just switch your DNS to Google Public DNS and access that site. You can set it with IPv4 or IPv6. Your internet speed would improve by switching to Google Public DNS.

You Can Use These DNS Servers To Switch To Google Public DNS :

Preferred DNS :

Alternate DNS :

Official Site

Open DNS

After Google Public DNS, the most popular one is Open DNS. Which is not just alternative for you, but it gives you better control of your internet connection. You can use its home version, it is completely free which comes with phishing protection, parental control and improved speed. Its parental control feature offers you to block porn and other objectionable sites. For this you will have to sign up to their website.

You Can Use These DNS Servers To Switch To Open DNS:

Preferred DNS:

Alternative DNS:

Official Site

Norton ConnectSafe

Norton has been securing computer and internet connection since very long. It offers best security tools and services. It provides different security settings through different DNS.

For Security – use DNS servers 85.126.10 and which blocks all malicious as well as phishing and scam sites.

For Security & Pornography – use 85.126.20 and which blocks all scam and phishing sites. Additionally, it blocks porn websites.

Official Site

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo has been in security industry for very long time. Comodo secure DNS is focused on speed and security. When you switch your default DNS to this DNS server, it ensures you get a high speed and block adult, phishing and malicious websites.

You Can Use These DNS Servers To Switch Comodo Secure DNS:

Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:

official Site

This is another free DNS provider. Thus, you can access blocked content without paying anything. If you live in a place where there is a lot of problem of censorship, then this is best DNS server for you. You can access your favorite websites at good speed.

You Can Use These DNS Servers To Switch DNS Watch :

Preferred DNS:

Alternate DNS:

Why You Should Use A Public DNS Servers?

So, here are 4 reasons you should use Public DNS Server.

  1. Access Blocked Content

If your ISP has blocked particular website that you want access and you are using default DNS, then you will not be able to access that website. To access such blocked websites, you can switch to a public DNS for free.


  1. Speed Improvement

If your ISP is not providing good internet speed, then you should try using third party public DNS server. Switching to third party public DNS, might improve your internet speed, but there is not guarantee of speed improvement.


  1. Parental Control

Some top-rated public DNS server gives you option to block certain websites or group of websites on your network. If you have kids in the home, then this is helpful for you. If you don’t want them to access adult sites or any harmful sites. Then you must use this DNS server.


  1. Security

Free Public DNS Servers like Google Public DNS or Open DNS offers the security measures that your ISP might not have implemented yet. These third-party DNS servers are filtering scam, malware and phishing sites. But not all third-party DNS do content filtering, for example : Google Public DNS.


How You Can Change DNS On Your Computer?

On Windows operating system, it is very easy to change the DNS servers. Right now, I’m using windows 10. So, I will explain according to that.

  • Go to the Control Panel.

  • Click on Network & Sharing Center



  • In the left corner, click on Change Adapter Setting.


  • There you will see Network Connections.

  • If you are using Internet via WI-Fi, then that will be active and if you are using Internet via Ethernet cable, then that will be active. Right Click on the network that you are using and click on Properties.


  • Then, Double click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”


  • Tick on “Use the following DNS server address” and enter the DNS server you want to use.

  • Click OK to save all settings and now your DNS is switched to Google Public DNS. This is how you can enter any third-party DNS server.


How To Setup Third-Party DNS Server On Your Router?

This can be quite difficult because not all of use same router so settings might be different for different routers. Right now, I’m using Digisol router. If you are using same router, you can just log in in to your router’s setting. Go to Dashboard >> Service.

Digisol DNS setting

Select Set DNS Manually and enter the DNS Server and click Apply Changes.

If you are using a different router, go to the setting and try finding DNS setting and change that to switch to third-party DNS server.

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