Social Media Influencers : Who Are They & What They Do.

Social Media Influencers : Who Are They & What They Do.



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Have you ever seen someone on social media, who have large number of followers like hundred thousand and doing promotions on Instagram, Facebook? They are Social Media Influencer, But how they get so popular on social media? They are just smart than you and are good with their words. There is nothing more special about them, but still they are making big money. Isn’t it great?

The age of social media has shaken up the career game even more. Alternative career choices like blogging/vlogging and creating content for social media, is extremely profitable business. Nowadays you can see Social Media Influencers are becoming very famous. They are making very big money in less efforts. Social media influencer are changing the marketing game. Today most of us are choosing Social Media Influencer as profession. But what is Social Media Influencers and what exactly they do?

So let’s know more in detail.

What is Social Media Influencers?

A Social Media Influencer is person on social media who has established credibility in specific in field. A Social Media Influencers has access to a large audience and can persuade other people by virtue of their authenticity and reach.

The influencer is person who has large audience base on social media, who can reach your target audience, build trust and can drive engagement. They create original, engaging content. In this competitive world, a lot of people are growing their social media influence for their personal reasons. A social media influencers are growing very fast.

social media influencers

The social media is causing drastic change in our culture and society. People are getting influence by social media. It’s breaking all communication barriers, fragmenting the media and connecting large number of people. In every country across every industry, individual is growing their social media platform to increase their presence, increase their influence and to become popular.

Now Social Media is taking place of Traditional Media and it is growing more and more. Social Media influences everything from political elections to eating behaviours to how business communicate with their customers. It has played important role of connecting and engaging people all around the world.


What Social Media Influencers do?

An influencer can be anyone, from a blogger to celebrity. They must have credibility and a niche. Influencers simply do digital marketing by using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

So what exactly this influencers do? Here are few things that any social media influencer do.

They Generate Sales

Influencers generate large sales and that’s why everyday so many brands approach social media influencers. Instead of spending more money celebrities for brand promotions, this brands approach social media influencers for promotions. Brands spend some money on these influencers for promotions, they do their work in less money. As they talk about your product or service, sales generation starts.

They Build Brand Awareness

Influencers are the link between brand and its market, that’s it. The influencers do generate sales as well as they do brand awareness. Exposure and brand awareness is very important in todays market, so more the brand awareness you can achieve, is better.

They Create content

Social media influencers are the kings and queens of content creation. They are just good at words than any other and they create high-quality, engaging content. Influencers are like content creating machine and trust me they are really good at it. They keep audience engaged with their content. It means they create content that talk about brand and its product or services.

They Are Trusted Voice

You can blindly trust on influencers opinions about brand or product. They are not Bias. Did you know one thing that customers are more likely to trust on such influencers rather than brands. They will always tell you pros and cons of product or service they are promoting. The trusted voice of the influencer is now in vogue.

They Build Relationships

A social media influencer build relationship between their followers and your brand. Without mutual connection and middle, it is very difficult to build relationship between brand and followers.

They Are Expert Communicators

Social media influencers live and breath in digital world, as they have built their empire, they have developed skill for digital communication. That’s why, they are very good at communicating with brands and their followers.

They Are Engaged

Influencers whole job depends on how engaged their followers are and how much they receive, so influencers always stay engaged all the time. Why is this important for brands? The number of engaged followers is so much important than total numbers of followers because it shows how many people are actually interacting with the influencer when they talk about the brand.

They Are Creative

There are millions of influencers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs, in order to stand out from the crowd influencers need to be very creative in content creation. In order to create unique and catchy content, so you need to be creative.

They Know Their Audience

Influencers know their audience very well, they have pretty good idea about what audience want. They know how to keep followers engaged, so they work accordingly. The influencers will have a great insight into their followers and how to best engage with them.

They Are Excellent Value For Money

As compared to traditional advertising, collaborating with influencers generates excellent value for money when your aim is to connect with a target market. Social media influencers directly reach to every customer and also they take less money than traditional media, which beneficial for brands. Social media influencers are money saver for brands.

They Start The Conversation

To build good healthy relationship between your brand and their followers, it is important to have conversation, so influencer start conversation first. Nobody likes it when people talk about themselves, so take the humble and flattering approach and have some conversation.

They Drive Traffic

Driving traffic to your website and other social media platforms is extremely important, because without driving traffic you cannot engaged people in your content and brands. Influencers always do collaborations to drive more traffic to their content and brands. They always try to drive more traffic to engage people.

They Are Transparent

One of the best thing about influencers is that they are transparent and genuine. If they were gifted a product, or paid to promote product they always mention this in their content. They give honest review about each and every product/service. They are authentic when it comes to working with brands and they know to decline opportunity which doesn’t fit right.

They Distribute Content

The influencers create their own content, but they also distribute other content on their channels. They share each other’s content on social media, that actually helps to drive traffic and increase followers.

They Are Information Providers

Whether the campaign is about new brand, new product, retargeting an old product or distributing any kind of information like deals, purchasing etc., influencers are best information provider when you want know more or out of box.

They Have Fresh Perspective

The influencers have their own ideas, experience and perspective. They put their ideas and efforts, so that they can put new flair on marketing strategy and uncover a fresh angle.

They Grow Social Following

Social media influencers always trying to grow their followers. More the followers, more the people will be engaged in your content. Without followers social media influencer is nothing, so its very important for influencers to grow their followers.

That’s it, so I hope that you have understood , who are social media influencers and what they do. This is much information is enough for this article.

If I have missed some points, please let me know in comment section.


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