Optical Fiber Capable of 1 Petabit / Second Transfer Speed Developed

Optical Fiber Capable of 1 Petabit / Second Transfer Speed Developed

Optical Fiber Capable of 1 Petabit/Second Transfer Speed Developed


Researchers in the world came together and have developed a Fibre cable that has 1 Petabit/Second transfer speed. It is 12 million times quicker than fastest NBN connection. This researchers are from Hokkaido University who developed fiber using tool from equipment maker Fujikura while the transmission system was developed by the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology Japan. This project was headed by the team from Macquarie University of Australia.

The newly developed fibre is four-core, three-mode fibre which is of same width as existing standard fibre but now it offers 12 times more data speed. This fibre is less prone to damages and you can also use this with your existing equipments.

It has many applications in transmitting data between data centres, MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) and undersea communication cables with ability to smoothly accommodate big data traffic and 5G services. 1 Petabit is equal to 1048576 Gigabit or 1073741824 Megabit. 1 Petabit will be this much faster. It can transfer 1 Petabit data per second over 50kms.

The world’s insatiable demand for data is increasing day by day and ned to find new ways to transport large data from one place to another. For those who don’t know, a single Petabit is equal to one thousand terabits and single terabit is equal to one thousand Gigabits. You can say that thses researchers have become successful to grab a speed of one million Gigabits per second.

But in 2016, Nokia achieved 1 Terabit/sec data transfer speed in Germany which now don’t seem like a big deal anymore.

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