Make Money With Google Duo App – Earn upto Rs.9000 using this app

Make Money With Google Duo App – Earn upto Rs.9000 using this app

Earn Rs. 9000 By Installing This Google App – Make Money Online With Google Duo

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Google has introduced a new reward program for using their video calling application. This reward program is specially for Indian users of Google Duo app. You can earn upto Rs.9000 just by installing Google Duo app and referring their friends to use it. There are some terms and conditions for this reward program. Lets talk more about this program.
Initially this reward program launched in Philippines and now this cash reward program has extended to India as well.

Just follow Steps Below To Take Advantage Of Reward Program


  • Install Google Duo app from PlayStore in your phone.
  • Make the first call.
  • Google will deposit the cash reward directly to your account.
  • There is also data reward for this activity.
  • You can refer this app to friends. Once they install Google Duo app using referral and make first call, you will get cash reward.

Use my link to download the app, you will get reward on my referral.

Terms and Conditions For This Offer

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  • This offer is not valid for iOS users, only valid for Android users. But if you are iOS user and refer your Android friend, you will get cash reward.
  • In order to take benefit, your phone number should be new, that means previously the number has not been used for installing Google Duo. Your friend’s mobile number should be new inorder to take get reward cash.
  • You will need to install Google Pay also, which is Google UPI based payment app to get the cash reward.
  • Residents of Tamil Nadu are not eligible for this offers, as per the Tamil Nadu Prize Scheme Act 1979.
  • Per user there are only 30 referral awards in a year.
Upto Rs. 9000 can be earned via this offer using Google Duo App.
Google Duo was launched in year 2016, giving tough fight to Skype and Facetime of Apple. This cash reward program will trigger new wave of usage.
You can install Google Duo here.
So will you install Google Duo to win Rs. 9000 or to make video call? Choice is yours afterall. Let us know in the comment section.

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