Is It Safe To Use GBWhatsApp?

Is It Safe To Use GBWhatsApp?

Have you heard about GBWhatsApp? It has become more popular nowadays and Many of us are using this app. GBWhatsApp is famous for its cool features and most important is you can stay anonymous. For this anonymity people are using GBWhatsApp. Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp? So lets talk about GBWhatsApp.
Is It Safe To Use GBWhatsApp?
What is GBWhatsApp?
         GBWhatsApp is nothing but a mod version of official WhatsApp. It has many more features   than normal WhatsApp.
Using this app you can stay Anonymous and you can use two WhatsApp account on the same device. Anonymity feature of GBWhatsApp becoming very popular among youngsters.
This app has many cool features that are grabbing attention of WhatsApp user.
Why Are People Using It?
When it comes to features, this app is much more ahead of official WhatsApp. You can choose custom icons, send more than 90 pictures at one, hide online status, hide last seen, changing font and much more.
Due to its enormous features, so many people are using GBWhatsApp. but Is It Safe To Use GBWhatsApp?
Why It Is Not Safe To Use GBWhatsApp?
   It is tricky question but fact is GBWhatsApp users are not getting banned that means the app is not violating the values of official WhatsApp. Just because people are not getting banned doesnt mean that it is safe or given thumbs up from official WhatsApp.
  Truth is any modded app is potentially not safe at all. In some cases, things that are cool to use and that comes free have hidden cost. I don’t know what code they have place in GBWhatsApp but they might have code to spy on you and they can do other lots of things like they can spy your webcam and microphone also, they can steal everything because you’ve given their app permission to access your microphone, contact, camera, microphone.
  And of course the official WhatsApp can do the same but it is popular company and WhatsApp has built a brand protecting its users privacy, so they cannot just do without consequences.
  Another thing of concern is that GBWhatsApp is not available on Google Playstore. So this app don’t pass through security check of Google Play Protect so they might have malicious code that spies you. You cant blindly trust on such apps. Whether they’re spying on you if you use GBWhatsApp and you wont know. So there is risk using this modded app. It is totally depend on you whether to use GBWhatsApp or not. My suggestion is to stay away from such modded apps or else you will be in trouble someday.

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