Why iOS Is More Secure Than Android?

Why iOS Is More Secure Than Android?

iOS Vs Android

The iOS Vs Android security debate has been playing out for many years, but believe it or not iOS is famous for its privacy and security features in the world. But why iOS is secure? There are so many reasons why iPhones are more secure than Android phones. For this reason, many customers are switching to Apple devices.

According to Mike Johnson, the iOS system is more secure. Mike runs the security technologies program, at the University of Minnesota. He has used both Android and iOS devices but he has an iPhone because of its security features.

You know what? The Android phone makes up more than 80 percent of the global smartphone market. Hackers are more likely to succeed if they write programs for these android devices. Criminals are targeting Android because that provides them the most return.

There are a few factors that must be considered before comparing the iOS Vs Android.

Firstly, Android has many benefits and also has a curse of being an open and heterogeneous platform. Today most of the devices run on Android. Cheaper Android devices have to sacrifice on the hardware specifications to bring prices down.

iOS – iPhones, iPad iPod has very good security features and hardware too. But Android devices are a mixed bag. That means some have good hardware security and others don’t.

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Software Front

Many manufacturers do not provide security updates for their Android phones and while some provide security updates. Not every manufacturer offers the same level of service across their range of devices.

So as a result, Android security on low-end devices is a disaster waiting to happen. The reason behind not all android devices is kept updated all the time is due to the way the firmware approvals process works on the mobile network. Before a manufacturer may release a patch, which affects their system software, they should get approval from the relevant mobile network operators.

To ensure that a software update won’t cause a problem for users or their network, generally, mobile operators insist on testing all firmware updates before they go out.

iOS and Android represent the lion’s share of the mobile operating system market. Android is the target for many malware attacks and because of this security issues arise. See, Android is a Open Source System, anyone can look at what’s inside Android. But you can’t do that with iOS system. Even if a developer makes a small update to an app on Android, it creates a security hole in the system.

Even if you modify the look and feel of the music app, you may not know you have added a vulnerability. You will never know what’s the problem with code until you test it.

You probably do not know; Apple’s iOS is very restrictive with what developers can do. Apple doesn’t release it source code to anyone. iPhones are harder to jailbreak than Android phones, Apple puts all kind of restrictions on them and they will check on you every time. If they find a phone is jailbroken, they will shut you down. That’s because Apple controls the hardware and the software, they have extreme ability to impose tighter security.

Android tends to be more vulnerable when it gets attacked. There is an upgrade issue with Android. When Android release any update, not everyone gets them. Whereas, when Apple releases updates, everyone gets it.

Today android apps are rarely coded from scratch, manufacturer create software from outside developers. These developers go to online libraries for open-source component of code that act as building blocks to assemble custom mobile application. These chunks of code get modified, but also they can natively contain vulnerabilities.

Android vulnerabilities
Total Number Of Vulnerabilities In iOS and Android In Year 2009-2018

iOS Attacks Occur Too

well, this is rare. iOS was exploited in targeted attacks to infect phones with Pegasus Malware in year 2016. Pegasus was a spy software that can take over an iPhone and access calls, messages and emails. This malware also gathered information from apps, including Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp and Skype.

The attack worked by sending a malicious link to a victim through a text message. If the victim clicked on the link then iPhone was jailbroken. Pegasus could be injected into the system and start spying. Safari WebKit allowed the Pegasus attack to take place.

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A Critical Advantage

The iOS is designed to prevent users from various attacks and to hold privacy. IOS keyboard does not allow sniffing keystrokes and send them to the internet. HealthKit and HomeKit are designed so that users can control their own data. iOS comes with DuckDuckGo search engine as default option right next to Google and Bing.

Day by day Apple is increasing the privacy protection that it provides its users. It has enabled customers to protect their personal information from advertisers, third party org, governments and even Apple itself.

This is all quite different from Google or Facebook, who collect and store a large amount of data as part of their core businesses.

Google can’t stop scanning your personal data like emails and all, because targeted advertising is its core business. For the very same reason, Facebook won’t encrypt messages end-to-end. Apple makes its business from selling hardware to customers.

This is the biggest difference between Android and iOS. For iOS safety and security has number one priority. Apple always try to build an emotional connection between its devices and users. For all these reasons iOS is much more secure than Android. So, this is all about iOS Vs Android.

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