How To Unsubscribe From Unwanted Emails

How To Unsubscribe From Unwanted Emails

unsubscribe from unwanted emails

A few years ago the Email came into existence, in that time Email was the best way to communicate or stay connected for brands as well as individuals.

Today we are living in 21st century, where many things have changed. The way of communication also have changed. Now you don’t need to send an e-mail to anyone, you can follow your friends or brands on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Where you can directly send them a message.

But even then, we still need email for many reasons. For e.g. Signing up for Facebook, to participate in any contest etc. there would be some email newsletters that you wouldn’t want any more in your inbox. These newsletters are very annoying and These newsletters fill your inbox.

In this article I will show you, how you can have a clean inbox by unsubscribing unwanted emails.

How To Unsubscribe Unwanted Emails?

You might have signed up for newsletters of many websites that you longer wish to receive. But now there’s one good thing is, most of these newsletters emails comes with an unsubscribe button. Just go to the footer of newsletter email and click on unsubscribe link.

how to unsubscribe from unwanted emails

You will get that in the footer of the email and it is usually written in small fonts. So look carefully in the footer of email. Clicking on unsubscribe link would open a new tab from where you can unsubscribe to that newsletter.

This unsubscribe option for these emails are given for convenience of the recipient who no longer want to receive these emails.

Still you will find some newsletters which would not give you the option to unsubscribe emails. So you can block such emails that they will not appear in your inbox again. Gmail have simple option to block sender. Open the email of sender you want to block and then click on three dots on the top right corner.

It will give you a few options and there will be one option that would be to block sender.

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Unsubscribe in bulk using

If you have garbage of unwanted newsletters in your inbox then you should use this service called

You can add this service to your Gmail and it will show a full list of all the emails subscriptions. So that you can quickly unsubscribe from those emails you don’t want in your inbox.

Its very useful if you are receiving lots of unwanted emails.

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