How To Get Free International Debit Card From DBS Digibank?

How To Get Free International Debit Card From DBS Digibank?
how get free international debit card?

How can we get free international debit card without having bank account? I know this is stupid question but it is possible and answer is DBS. DBS stands for Development Bank Of Singapore. It has over 280 branches across 18 markets and total asset of $340 Bn. DBS is a digibank and has headquarter in Singapore with fastly growing presence in China, south Asia and South Asia.
          DBS has also been named “Safest Bank in Asia” by Global Fianance for seven consecutive years from 2009 to 2015. DBS has poured $500 n globally for digital transformation and India is the first country where DBS has launched the Mobile only bank, Digibank.
         There are billions of Aadhar cards and over 200 million smartphone user in India, And DBS took advantage of this for growing DBS digibank in India. They brought paperless banking evolution. DBS is completely paperless, signature-less and most important branch-less bank. Customer verification is purely done using Adhar card and Pancard. Bank account can be fully access through your smartphone. 
What Are The Features of DBS Digibank?
DBS Digibank account can be opened just by Downloading small App from Playstore. It provides customer service through 24×7 artificial intelligence driven virtual assistant. This Digibank comes with an budget optimiser that will enable customers to do their budgeting, track expenses, alaysis of expenses and other investment advice.
      DBS provide superior 7% interest rate on savings. Debit card can be access from any ATM’s and no minimum balance requirement. You can open Zero Balance Saving Account, that means there is no restrication for minimum balance. You can customize name on debit card. DBS provides debit card free of cost, they dont charge for physical card and if you lose your debit card by mistake you can simply block debit card from your DBS mobile app, you will not need to run in bank. 
There are two options for depositing amount in bank account, debit card and UPI. You can add money from other bank to DBS Digibank.
And the important thing you can earn upto 250 Rs. to 500 Rs for each referral.
How Can You Open This Digibank Account?
Procedure is very simple and take very less time. You can open digi account in less than 5 minutes. Just go the Playstore and download DBS app, after downloading app open it and  follow the steps. You will need Aadhar card and Pancard for this Digibank account, without this 2 document you cant open DBS digibank account. I’m providing DBS Playstore link Here.
Download this App from PlayStore and open it.
DBS Digibank
DBS Digibank
This is complete interface of DBS Digibank. You will get to see many options like add money, transfer, recharge and much more.
So thats it for this article, I hope you are satisfied.

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