How To Create Android App Without Coding?

How To Create Android App Without Coding?

 How To Create Android App Without Coding?

In todays world Android is largest used mobile platform. It has become very popular because of it is free and open source operating system. It have millions of application that can bring ease in your life and you can even customize android operating system. Day by day android is improving, new version updates are coming and latest update is Android 9 Pie. 
But do you think developing android app is that easy? No, not at all. You need to know Android Studio, Java coding, SQL, XML and without these you cannot even think of making android app, But someone said that there is nothing impossible in this world. Don’t worry now there are lots of websites available on Internet to create android apps without any coding knowledge. Isnt it Awesome?
Coding is the one of the most efficient way to build an Android application or a website. You need to know languages like Java, CSS, Python etc, but in this fastly growing Era there are some platforms that help us to develop android or iOS apps ie. MIT App Inventor, Jmango, App machine, BuildFire, App Geyser, Buzz touch, Appy Pie, Andromo App maker. This procedure is very similar to using WordPress while making a website.


This website provide different types of applications for free. There is list of application on their website so you can choose any one type to create an application. They have different types of categories like browser, websites, calculator, Ebook, News etc. There is no need to do code to create application.
You just need to create free account on this website and select the application type. After choosing type you will need to fill some details of application like app name, size, description of app etc. After all the details and requirement click on create app button, after this process you can download you application in Apk format.
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If you are tired of your boring job that dosent bring much money, you can also monetize your application by applying for monetization process on the Google site. Once you apply Google team will review you application and send email about monetization status.


  1.  You can create your own android make up to $5000 monthly.
  2. It is absolutely free, no monthly charges or no paid features.
  3. No coding skills required.
  4. Easy tutorials and weekly updates knowledge base.
  5. Fulfill your ideas or fanasies in the form of app.
AppsGeyser     Click Here


Appypie is another great platform to create android  without any coding knowledge. It provide wide range of categories, you can create your own app less than 5 minutes with the help of drag and drop feature. Once you select app category it will appear on the mobile screen. Click on the next button and fill out all details of your application and press “save and exit” button.
You can also add some other features like contact page, about page by clicking on the + symbol. Once all procedure is done you can download your application.
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Appypie is user friendly tool with lots of features. Additionally they have great IT team that is helpful you have queries. You have great opportunity to make money from app.


  1. Create application with the help of drag and drop feature. 
  2. You can directly publish your app on Google Playstore and iTunes.
  3. Application updates are also available.

Appypie  Click here

There are so many platforms available on Internet to create apps but these two are most popular websites with lots of features. Try them and express your idea in the form app. 

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