How Much Money Does YouTubers Earn?

How Much Money Does YouTubers Earn?

How Much Money Does YouTubers Make Per Video?

How much money does YouTubers make per video? Well, there is no specific answer to this question. That’s why there are chances that you may be hunting for the answers to this question. A YouTuber can earn money between $1 to $100 million USD or even more than that. It completely depends on how do you optimize your YouTube channel. Today, YouTube channels are monetized by Google AdSense only.

You can also monetize your channel with the help of affiliate marketing and paid promotions. But right now, YouTubers are making more from paid promotions than Google AdSense.

YouTubers earning varies from country to country and niche to niche. In this article we will discuss everything about how much money YouTubers makes per video. These days, YouTube has become lucrative career option for many people. Nowadays, YouTubers are as famous as like any celebrity.

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How YouTuber Earn  Money From YouTube Through Adsense?

Google AdSense is one of the best monetizing networks. This program allows YouTube creators to earn a share of the money from the advertising that you might see before video. This advertising video comes with skip button at bottom right corner. Bid on this paying more unskippable or longer video and less for banners and less desirable for placements. YouTube runs ads for viewers and that money gets shared between YouTube itself and whichever creator video the ad run against.

If video get a lot of views, it’s a fairly straightforward way to monetize them. To monetize your YouTube channel, you must have at least 4000 hours watch time in one year and a1000 subscribers to be eligible for this monetization program. YouTube creators have to certify that their videos are not offensive or sensitive. Advertising networks have become very concerned about the possibility that their ads will be run against videos. YouTubers also make money from brand promotions. Many brands approach famous YouTubers for brand promotions, Through which the creators gets the money.

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How To Earn Money From YouTube With Affiliate Links?

Another way that creator earn money is with affiliate marketing. Creators who feature a certain product in their videos such as mobile or camera in their video such as for unboxing or review will include a link to an online retailer like Amazon in the video description. If any viewer click on the link and buy that product, the creator get some revenue from the retailer in return. Creators earn a lot of money through this affiliate marketing.

Viewers can do help to their favorite creators make money

YouTubers don’t get paid a penny for having millions of subscribers or likes on the videos. It is all about the views. But today, there are many ways to earn through YouTube. There are many clever ideas that work for creators.

I hope with this article, all your questions regarding YouTube earning are cleared. Still, if you are having any question in mind regarding how much money YouTubers make per video? Then please let me know in the comment section.


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