Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode Is Now Available

Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode Is Now Available

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode

Google has now extended the Interpreter mode on its Assistant to smart speakers and other third-party devices. This “Interpreter” mode will help users to have real-time conversation with their devices and can also translate them into other languages. For now, you must use English, French, Spanish, Italian or French language to start the Interpreter mode. Using Interpreter mode, you can ask Google Assistant to translate between more languages.

This mode supports 26 international languages including Hindi, Korean and Portuguese among others. Now users can ask Google Assistant to “turn on interpreter mode” to invoke the feature on device and choose language which language they desire to use.

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When you hear the tone, start speaking. Then you don’t have to alternate between languages for the interpreter mode to work. With interpreter mode on Smart Display would allow users to both see and hear the translated conversation. They can swipe from left to right to stop the interpreter mode.

Google first demonstrated this feature at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in January 2019 in Las Vegas. First Interpreter mode arrived on the Google Home Hub and will available soon on other third-party devices in the next few months.

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