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On 1 April 2018, the famous internet-services firm Cloudflare announced it was offering a fast and safe DNS resolver, that uses the IP address. This DNS resolver will allow users to shorten the load time of web pages and keep some data away from network providers. Cloudflare says it will be “the Internet’s fastest and privacy-first customer DNS service.”

Everything on the internet starts with a DNS request. DNS is like a dictionary the Internet’s dictionary. Unfortunately, by default, DNS is slow and insecure. Your ISP or any middle person on the Internet can see your activities on the internet like which sites you visit or which app you use-even if the content is encrypted. Some DNS providers sell all your data about internet activities or use it to target you with advertisements.

But what is DNS Resolver and How does it work? I will clear all your questions like, what is what is DNS & how does it work? So let’s begin

What is is a fast and private way to browse the Internet. It is a public DNS resolver, like most other DNS resolvers. is not selling user’s data to advertisers. makes the Internet much faster.

Your internet service provider gives your router a default DNS resolver, which tells your system which servers to connect to in order to load a web page. Cloudflare says they provide DNS resolver which actually faster than the one your ISP gave you.

Cloudflare claims its resolver takes just 14.8 milliseconds to answer a DNS query, according to Cloudflare beats the 70 milliseconds average among ISP’s and the 34.73 millisecond response time from Google’s public DNS services. Cloudflare says its speed advantage comes from the power of its more than 1,000 servers around the world.

The DNS also can be used for encrypted DNS resolution that keeps your ISP from seeing where you go on the internet, which sites you visit and what apps you install. Changing your DNS settings to may lead to a lack of few services because this address wasn’t originally designed for full-internet consumption. The IP address is owned by the Asia-Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC), which is partnered with Cloudflare for this service.

If you are comfortable editing your router settings, then here are few entries to add:


Google also got its own public DNS and its entries are:

After knowing another question arises, that what is DNS resolver and what it does? So let’s know about DNS and DNS resolver.

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What is DNS?


The DNS stands for Domain Name System, it is a phonebook on the Internet. We access information on the internet through domain names, like Facebook.com or espn.com. Each website has an IP address like, but it is impossible to remember the IP address of each website. DNS translates IP addresses to domain names so that browsers can load the desired webpage. DNS servers eliminate the need for humans to memorize IP addresses such as

What is a DNS Resolver?

DNS Resolver

When you request any website like facebook.com, the user’s computer needs to know what server to connect to so that it can load the website. Computers initially don’t have the necessary information to do this “name to address” translation, so they ask a specialized server to do it for them. This specialized server is called a DNS Resolver.

Why use instead of an ISP’s DNS resolver?

The main reason behind switching to a third-party DNS resolver are security and performance. ISP does not always use strong encryption on their DNS, which makes their DNS queries vulnerable to data breaches and exposes users to threats like man-in-middle attacks. These DNS resolvers don’t always have great speed and after heavy usage, they become even more sluggish. If there is huge traffic on the network, an ISP’s DNS could stop answering requests altogether.

What makes the fastest and secure DNS service?

Many DNS servers claim that their services are much secure because they support Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC). This is good practice, but users of these services are ironically not protected from the DNS companies themselves. Most of these companies collect data from their DNS customers to use for commercial purposes, to target users with advertisements. The does not mine any user data. Logs are kept for only 24 hours for debugging purpose and after that, they are purged. also provides some security features that are not available from many other public DNS services, such as query name minimization. Query name optimization diminishes privacy leakages by only sending minimal query names to authoritative DNS servers.

The power of Cloudflare network is delivering speedy DNS queries. Since it has around 1000+ servers worldwide, users anywhere in the world will get a quick response from and these servers have access to over 7 million domains on the Cloudflare platform.

If you want to use this fast & secure network on your smartphone, there is one App available on Playstore that will help you to access the network. Click here to download App.

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