The Dangers Of Using Torrent

The Dangers Of Using Torrent


People have got treasure of content since the Torrent has arrived. There are thousands of Torrent sites are available for downloading movies, music, games and other stuff. But you may not know that torrenting is unsafe. It is not secure as it seems.

That why, in this article I will be mentioning some dangers of using torrent.  Threatening of data, virus/malware attack and legal issue can be arise because of using torrents. Don’t worry guys, I will also tell you how to deal with these problems and protect yourself while using torrent.

Before going ahead, let us know what is Torrent.

What Is Torrent?

You may have heard this word many times or many of you also use torrent. but you don’t know what exactly torrent is and how does it work.

Torrent refer to a computer file that contains metadata holding various information. Torrent file comes with the .torrent extension but it does not contain actual content. Then this information use by software such a uTorrent, which will allow users to easily download torrent files to their computers.

How Does It Works?

I will tell you in simple language, a torrent file is just a key to initiate downloading the content. If you want to download shared files like movies, music or games, then you must first obtain the corresponding torrent file by downloading .torrent file or by using a magnet link.

BitTorrent software required to open this .torrent file or a magnet link. After scanning the torrent file, it will find the location of seeders which are sharing the corresponding torrent file. BitTorrent will try to attempt to connect to a list of defined trackers and attempt direct connection. If it’s successful, the content will start transferring.

Viruses and Malware

Torrent files don’t come from any official sources, they are uploaded by random users on the internet. It is possible that the file you download may contain viruses or malware which could harm or slow down your system. So it is better to download content from official sources than torrent.

There are many ways you can reduce the possibility of downloading infected files. Select torrent file which have a high number of seeds, these files have been downloaded by a lot of people. High number of seeds represent good download speed and vote of confidence in the files.

Also you can use Anti-virus software to protect your system from infected files. Avira, Kaspersky, Norton are few best anti-virus software available in market.

Safety of Data

There is a chance, people can gain access to your data while you are torrenting. As soon as you connect to Peer to Peer network, everyone can see your IP address. Using this information hacker can get into your system and gain access to your private files. This is horrible.

Windows Firewall will decrease the chance of losing control over data. Use system firewall. It is a good practice to turn off “Remote Desktop” as well as “Remote Assistant” in your control panel. Also keep your anti-virus software updated.

You can use VPN also, a vpn can hide your IP address in order to protect your privacy while torrenting. There are a lot of VPN available, but I recommend NordVPN for its best security and speed.

Legal Issues

The overuse of torrents can put you in trouble, so it is best to be aware of these problems. Torrenting can create legal issues.

Torrenting is completely legal but many of the files that you download from Peer-to-Peer network are pirated and hence torrenting can lead to legal action. Downloading content from torrent always can be dangerous because other peers can see your IP address.

Lots of production companies hires expert people that specifically look for people pirating copyrighted content from the Internet. They can track downloaders by their IP addresses and having embedded tracers inside the pirated file. Legal action is taken against such people.

If you follow my advice about protecting data and decided to use best VPN, you will be safe. VPN will protect you from legal action by masking your IP address and other sensitive information. Using VPN you will be completely anonymous.

Before ending this article, it is very important to note what to look in a VPN or which VPN is best. For torrenting VPN need to have no record of your sessions, dedicated peer-to-peer server which can provide your good speed and a kill switch to protect information from leaking.


Considering all above points, NordVPN is best for torrenting. Also, ExpressVPN is great alternative which fulfills your security needs and provide you great speed. ExpressVPN is quite expensive but it will protect from every aspect.

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