Cyber Security Threats To Be Aware Of

Cyber Security Threats To Be Aware Of

In this day and age, technology offers several benefits. But there are so many drawbacks. Most of these drawbacks come in the form of cyber security threats. As a result of this cyber-attack, you may lose your confidential information like bank details, passwords etc. and in some situations, your identity could also be stolen.

Today so many people facing these situations and you have always been glad that you were never personally victim to any of these cyber security threats. Still, you need to be aware of such kind of cyber-attacks. Continue reading this post for more information.

1. Brute Force Attack

Brute Force
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A brute force attack refers to an attack made by an attacker or hacker to gain access to your password as a result of using a computer program that will help them guess what your exact password is.
this method is also known as trial and error method, but because the hacker is using an automated program, there is still a chance that they will end up gaining access to your confidential information it the program guesses the right combination of your password. To keep yourself safe, you can use a two-step authentication process whenever possible.

2. Phishing Email Scams


You have no idea, what phishing attack can do. If you are not aware, you cannot recognize the phishing attack is going on you. It is difficult to recognise phishing sites, if you are not a tech person.
You might have recieve several emails like you have won iPhone or something prize and all you have to do is provide your personal information to recive your prize. But remember it is just a scam, nothing else. This is something you should never do. Hackers build website or login page exactly simillar to some famous websites like Facebook, Internet banking sites etc. And, encourage you to login.
By doing this your login details or confidential information directly go to the hacker. To avoid such phishing attacks, just check the URL of the site and then proceed.

3. Ransomware

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When it comes to attacks like Ransomware, you will be told that you no longer have access to your PC or any of your information and you have to pay ransom means money to get it once again. The hacker will promise that you will get your data back after paying a ransom, but please keep in mind that this just a false claim. They dont give your data back. Instead, they take your money and delete your information.
They take ransom in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dash etc. Hackers take payment in cryptocurrency because it is very difficult to trace cryptocurrencies.

4. Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security
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Endpoint security attack refer to attack that intercept the connection between a your device like PC or smartphone and network, to gain access to your personal data. This another area that you need to be very careful over and you must install internet security tool programs that will keep your data safe. Also, you can use a VPN while connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

The Benefits Of Becoming More Knowledgeable

There are several benefits associated with becoming moe knowledgeable about Cybersecurity threats. Understanding about data security and cyber threats will help you rest easier at night. It will save your headache and hassle of having to deal with problems associated with losing your confidential information.

Knowledge is power and that is why you should always have to keep your eyes and ears open for threats that may come your way. This may never happen to you, but prevention is always better than cure. you never know what will happen next , so Its better to be safe.
Be aware of such cybersecurity attacks and keep yourself safe from them.

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