How to Block Ads On Android Apps and Browsers?

How to Block Ads On Android Apps and Browsers?

block Ads on Android

Ads are most annoying thing on internet which irritates and distract users while in the browsing. Most of the ads which are displayed on the internet are not useful and completely irrelevant. Today ads are expanding their area to show them on android phones and showed up them while using apps or playing games. To block ads on chrome and Firebox, there are various extensions and add ons are available. Ad Block Plus is most popular and it’s also compatible for android users.

So, here I’m going to explain two methods which are useful to block ads on android apps, games and also on browser.

In order to block Ads on Android you need to follow few steps.

1st Method:

1. I have collected some websites which shows ads on android games, apps and kept them in one text file.

Download Hosts file

2. Now you just need to download this file. Also, you must change the file name to hosts, because it will not work if you use any other name.

3. After renaming the file you need to transfer that file to android system folder. Go to the system folder, navigate to /etc folder and paste that host file which have bunch of websites which shows ads on android phones.

4. After that you need to one change that is rename hosts file into hosts.bak. because there is already one hosts file available in that location/directory.

5. Alternatively, you can also copy all the websites from hosts file and paste them into your mobile system hosts file.

6. To paste hosts file, you need to have administrator rights. If the above method doesn’t work for you, then you need to root your phone.

After completing all above steps just restart your mobile and check if ads are blocked or not.

Block Ads on Android Apps Using Adblock Plus for Android:

This is very easy and useful method to block ads but need to configure properly. It will work effectively if you configure this app properly. You can also download Adblock Plus for Android from the below link.

Block Ads on Android Apps, Games Using Adblock Plus for Android:

This is the most useful and easy method to block ads but you need to some more configurations. Then only it works effectively. You can download adblock plus for android from the below link.

Download Adblock plus for Android

adblock plus

If you are using rooted android then you can install this application with superuser permissions. But if you have non-rooted device then you have to some more configuration like manual proxy settings. You can check all manual configuration settings here. (Settings for Non rooted Android mobiles)

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