Android Q : Everything You Need To Know About.

Android Q : Everything You Need To Know About.

Android Q

Android Pie is still rolling out in some smartphones, but we are already looking ahead to Android Q. We are closer to the release date of Android Q, as Google has launched the Android Q Developers Beta. Right now, pixel mobile users will get chance to experience an early version of the new operating system. You can use this Beta version if you are ready to deal with bugs and other issues.

If you don’t want to install unfinished beta version of Android Q, you can expect to download in August. We have a list of Android Q features, before Google 10. First official beta of Android Q is just awesome.

If you are looking for latest tech news, tech reviews, tricks and more about Q, you have come to right place.

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About Android Q

Android Q beta is modest update in its current form. There are many interesting features hidden in the developer’s options. Now Google officially launched its Beta for Android Q. if you want to experience this new beta version, head over the Android Beta Program website and long in with your google account, choose the phone you want to enroll. After that you will then receive over-the-air update on your pixel device. Remember that, this beta version is available for Pixel device for now.

If you have Pixel, Pixel 2 or Pixel 3 devices, you can sign up for the beta on the Android Beta Program website. Google released its first developer preview and beta on the same day on 13th March, 2019.

Join the Android Q public beta

Here are 10 exciting new features :

1.Improved Privacy


This feature will block background activities from launching an activity. This feature is also limiting access to non-resettable device identifiers, such as your serial number and IMEI, among other things. Android Q has focused on privacy and security. Now you can add control over permissions doled out to specific apps, along with run-time permissions for enhanced security.

2. Dark Mode

You may have heard that Android Q is coming with Dark Mode and it’s absolutely true. But first beta version doesn’t come with an option to enable the same. It has removed the dark theme which is now available in Android P.

Don’t worry Q will get a system-wide Dark theme that can be accessed through display settings.

3. HDR10+ Support

Google is building support for HDR10+ into Android system, that means you will get better-quality video capture no matter what app you are using. Also, android is getting support for the AV1 codec which will help you to stream higher quality videos to your phones.

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4. Built-in Screen Recording


This is one of the most awaited features for android, built-in screen recording. You can use this feature in beta version also.

It is quite difficult to enable right now, because it is hidden in the developer option. This option will allow you to record a video of your screen with an optional voice over and visual indicators. I hope this feature will be there in future update of Q.

5. Better Support For Foldable Phones

2019 is the year of foldable smartphones. To provide better user experience on these new foldable smartphones, Google has optimized Android Q with foldable features and experience.

6. Theming Options

Android Q comes with Theming Options. These theming options allow you to change the accent, the font and the shape of icons, which was also possible in Android Pie.

To enable this feature, you have to enter into developer mode. Go to “Settings > System >Advanced > Developer Options” and scroll to bottom to check theming feature available in Android Q.

7. Desktop Mode

That rumors about desktop mode were true. Google is hardly working ‘Desktop Mode’ that would transform your smartphone into a PC. Android Q includes the Force Desktop Mode option in developer mode.

Due to lack of HDMI out support on the USB-C port, this feature is still half-baked and unsupported on the Pixel devices.

8. Easy Wi-Fi Connectivity

When you jump into Wi-Fi settings in Android Q, you wouldn’t notice any major difference but the beta update brings an “Easy Connect” feature for faster and secure sharing on Internet. Now you can share your Wi-Fi connection with anyone via QR code.

Google has given birth to Random Mac Address feature, which will be enabled by default, to hide your original MAC address from others.

9. Undo Accidental Icon Removal

If you mistakenly delete an app from your homescreen, the launcher will show Floating Undo button at the bottom so that you can revert it.

But the problem is, this feature will not work with any third-party launchers. It is limited to the Pixel Launcher.

10. Depth Format For Photos

See, when camera takes photo with multiple lenses, that depth information is stored along with the photo itself. In android Q, you will be able to request that information. That means users will be able to edit things like blur and bokeh to photos with different apps.

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Other changes

Android is set to get a little faster too. Google is continuing to expand Vulkan within Android. Also strengthening performance too, which may help apps load faster and use less memory.

A number of rumors have popped up showing of new features for Android Q. Not all these rumors are true. Some features are live in the Beta version, but Google normally keeps some features for final version of system, so it’s possible they will be included in upcoming update.

Sign up for the Android Q beta

No more back button?

According to a XDA Developers report, Google will remove back button in Android Q. Back button will replace with a new gesture. To go back, you will need to drag the home button to the left, allowing you to quickly go back.

This may be little complicated for some people to get used to.

According to the above information, it looks like Google is focusing more on privacy and security rather than mobile software. There are not major changes on the forefront, but there’s a lot happening behind the scenes.

That’s it for this article. I’ll update this article as we find out more about the Android Q. I’m really excited for upcoming update of Android Q. So, did you like the features of Q? let me in the comment box.

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