30 Most Useful Websites on The Internet

30 Most Useful Websites on The Internet

    Here are 30 most useful websites on the internet that will definitely make you smarter. This sites can bring ease in your life. These awesome websites can solve many of your problems, so you don’t need to go on Google every time.



The Most Useful Websites and Web Applications.

1. Archive.is – this website can take snapshot of any webpage of website and it will remain forever even after the original page is gone.
2. Autodraw.com – You can create freehand doodles and watch them transform into beautiful drawing.
3. Fast.com – You can check speed of your internet connection.
4. Slides.com – It create perfect slides and broadcast your presentation to an audience from any corner of the world.
5. Codeacademy.com – It is the best place to learn coding online.
6. Jotti.org – It scan any suspicious file or attachment with email for viruses.
7. Flightstats.com – You can track flight status at airports.
8. Unsplash.com – The perfect place to download free images.
9. Everytimeone.com – shows world time zones.
10. Fontstruct.com – You can draw and build your own fonts and use them in any application.
11. Regex.info – It find hidden data in any image.
12. Pdfescape.com – You can quickly edit PDF in browser without Acrobat.
13. Draw.io – You can create diagrams, wire frame and flowchart in the browser.
14. Wetransfer.com – Lets you share big files online.
15. App.grammarly.com – It checks your writing for spellings and grammatical errors.
16. Bubble.us – You can create mind maps and brainstorm ideas in the browser.
17. Faxzero.com – Lets you send an online fax for free.
18. Tinychat.com – You can setup your own chatroom in a minute.
19. Privnote.com – You can create private text notes that will self-destruct after being read.
20. Builtwith.com – It find everything else about website like web hosting company, email provider etc.
21. Minutes.io – You can quickly capture effective notes during meetings.
22. Carrd.co – You can build one fully responsive website that look good on each screen.
23. Duolingo.com – Lets you learn to speak Spanish, Chinese, French and other languages of your choice.
24. Webmakerapp.com – It is an offline playground for building web projects in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
25. duckduckgo – The search engine that let you surf anonymously without getting track.
26. Webmakerapp.com – It is an offline playground for building web projects in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
27. Apify.com – Perfect tool for web scrapping that lets you extract data from any website.
28. thunkable – You can build your own Android or iOS app by dragging blocks instead of writing code.
29. Zerodollarmovies.com – collection of free movies curated from YouTube.
30. Sway.com – You can create and share reports, newsletter, presentations.
Do you know any useful websites that are missing in this list? Please let me know in the comment section.


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