15 Cool Google Assistant Tricks That Will Make Your Life Better

15 Cool Google Assistant Tricks That Will Make Your Life Better

Google Assistant Tricks

There’s no doubt in the fact that Google Assistant is one of the best virtual assistant right now. There are many virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Cortana, but they don’t even stand a chance against the Google Assistant. It is most powerful and versatile assistant that most of us don’t even how to use it at its full potential. There are a lot of cool Google Assistant tips and tricks which are highly useful but that unnoticed by most users. Here are 15 cool things that you should definitely try with Google Assistant.

Before learning these 15 cool tricks, it is important to know what is Google Assistant.

What Is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice-controlled smart virtual assistant. It’s an evolution of one of the android feature known as Google Now. It is working on Google’s existing “Ok Google” voice controls. It competes with other virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Google Assistant launched in may 2016 with Google’s smart messaging app Allo. That time this assistant was only available on the Pixel mobiles for awhile, but now it’s free to download for anyone using Android 5 or above.

To launch Google Assistant on your smartphone, just tap and hold Home button for few seconds and assistant will launch.

Here are 15 cool things you can do with Google Assistant

  1. Set Reminders

Google Assistant is good at remembering things. Just launch Google Assistant and tell it “Remind me to pick up parcel” and assistant will ask if you want a reminder at specific time or when you get to the store. You can even set multiple things to remind you, so you don’t have to worry about remembering things.

Google Assistant-Set Reminder

  1. Create and Access Shopping Lists

Google Assistant makes very easy to remember your shopping items. Whenever you want to add items to your shopping list, just ask assistant to do it for you. Try saying, “Ok Google, add milk, bread and cake to my shopping list and it will do that for you.

Whenever you want see your shopping list, just say, “Hey Google, show my shopping list” and it will show you shopping list. Try it and I can guarantee that you will forget any shopping items in your life.

Google Assistant-shopping list

  1. Get The Summary For Your Day

One thing that I do before I leave my home for work is to get my daily briefing from Google Assistant. It not gives me information such as traffic and weather but it also gives me a rundown of all tasks that I have on my plate for the day. Assistant allows me to start my day with good ideas to turn out and I can devise the best way to tackle it.

You don’t have to set it up, all you need to say is, “hey Google, Good morning” and it will give the relevant information to you. Just make sure that your events are syncing with Google Calendar if you want to access events through Google Assistant.

  1. Get Currency and Unit Conversions

When you need to perform any type of currency and unit conversions Google Assistant is very useful. Just say things like, “Ok Google, convert $10 into INR” and it will do that for you.

Google Assistant is also expert in doing unit conversions. When you want to convert Meter into Centimetres, you can do that using your Google Assistant. Just say, “Hey Google, convert 1 meter into centimetres” and you will get desired result.

  1. Use Location-based Reminders

If you are person who always forgets tasks then you should use location-based reminders. They are very handy. I use the location-based reminders for almost everything that I need to instantly do when I reach someplace. If you want to set such location-based reminders, just say, “hey Google, Remind me to silent phone when I reach college”. Now, when I reach college, the assistant will remind me to silent the phone.

  1. Identify Songs

Google Assistant has ability to identify songs. I just love listening to songs and whenever I like a song which I like but don’t recognize, I just say, “hey Google, identify this song” and in few seconds it identifies the song for me.

  1. Launch Apps and Manage Quick Setting Toggles

Google Assistant allows user to launch apps and quickly manage their setting. You can say, “Hey Google, launch Facebook” and it will launch the app for you. You can also control your settings toggles by saying like, “Hey Google, turn on/turn off WiFi” and it will do that for you.

  1. Listen to Your Favorite Songs

One of the additional feature of Google Assistant is it has ability to play your favorite song. I just love listening to songs that this is one of my favorite feature. You can just say, “Hey Google, play Sia cheap Thrills” and it will do that.

  1. Get Sports Updates

Google Assistant is great for keeping track of live score or your favorite sport updates. You can ask questions like,

“Hey Google, Give me Cricket updates.”

“Hey Google, Give me EPL standings.”

  1. Set Up Routines to Automate Tasks

You can automate your tasks using your Google Assistant. For example, when I reach home from college, I do couple of things. First, I turn on the WiFi on my mobile and then I turn on the lights of my room and switch in fan. Finally, I turn of the geezer so that I can take nice bath. I can do these things manually or I can use the routines feature on Google Assistant to automate task for me. It allows me perform a chain of actions with just one command.

  1. Read News For You

One of the best thing Google Assistant can do is read news for you. You just have to tap the home button for few seconds, when the popup comes with Google Assistant asking you, How may I help you? Just say “Play News” and assistant will do it for you. You can read the latest news from your favourite news source.

  1. Amuse Yourself With songs, rhymes and general silliness

When you are feeling bored you can try out these things with Google Assistant.

Serenade me

BeatBox for me

Recite poem for you

Play games

  1. Laughter Medicine

Google Assistant can also understood humors very well, ask it to tell joke and it will do in its sweet voice. Just say, “hey Google, Tell me jokes”.

  1. Weather Forecast

Google Assistant can also forecast weather for you and can tell you if it will be cold or sunny and runny. Just ask, “What’s the weather for weekend?” and assistant will give you a forecast.

  1. Make Use Of the Explore Tab

If you are enjoying above tips and tricks with Google Assistant and want to explore some more tips by yourself then visit the Explore Tab. It can accessed by tapping on the icon housed in the top-right of the assistant page. There you can find list of new and popular commands that you can use to enjoy more features on Google Assistant.

I used most of these features of Google Assistant on daily basis. Check out these features and let me know your favorite feature from above list. If you have found any other features yourself, please share them by writing in the comment section below.

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